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Cybersecurity Managed Services

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Scan Insight Sdn Bhd provide essential security intelligence, early warning alerts and advice on remediating security issues – powerful tools for those organisations with the skills, resources and budgets to manage their own cyber security defences.

But, what about organisations that just don’t have the essential resources to protect themselves from cyber threats? Many are struggling to employ or retain any skilled IT security specialists, even if they have the budgets. Without these essential skilled practitioners, using cyber security technologies to reduce business risk can be extremely difficult.

This increasing shortage of skilled Cyber Security practitioners is restricting the value that many organisations can gain from the use of such advanced cyber security solutions. But, these organisations are facing the same threats to their IT infrastructure as any other and are often subject to the same compliance demands.


Monitoring of logs from various types of devices such as firewalls, routers, web servers, IPS, WAF etc. The solution also performs log analysis and correlation for effective monitoring.


Managing rules, performance, patch management, fine tuning of varioustype of devices such
as firewalls, routers, WAF, IDS, Servers etc.


Provide response service for any security intrusion, hacking, defacement, malware detection and clean-up


Provide periodic automated vulnerability scanning on known and unknown vulnerabilities. We provide vulnerability
announcement and security advisory service on the latest security vulnerabilities and threats.


Most organization already have their security devices to protect their environment in some way, but most of them are misconfigured. What we do, is to help you get the best out of your security devices, software and appliance to protect your environment. Most incident cases are caused by misconfigured devices.